New Tier 14 Sets for Mists of Pandaria

The new armor sets for Mists of Pandaria are absolutely epic! Dedicated raiders will be able to earn this whole set by defeating bosses and redeeming tokens and valor points. Gear can now even be upgraded through valor points so you get to keep this awesome gear and still get better!


The Druid’s mask looks like a wolf and the colors of the armor are really cool. It keeps the two different shoulder pieces thing going that seems to be tradition in Pandaria.


The Hunter set is truly awesome. It looks like it’s almost entirely made of skulls with large horns coming out of the helmet. One of the shoulders appears to be a complete skull of some animal.


The Shaman’s Firebird set looks great as well. It gives the Shaman that flaming appearance that everyone imagines when they think of one. While the shoulders and head are nothing special, I do like the design on the bottom of the robe or kilt piece.


While I do like the design of this set, I think it’s a little too eastern for me. The hat is what really turns me off of it. I’d probably just hide helm if I was a Monk I suppose. The shoulders are cool though I like the bead idea.


The Priest’s set is another case of awesome armor, weird hat. Just hide helm and you’ll be looking awesome like the rest of the sets. The shoulders are epic they look like they could be made of plate!


The Rogue set is pretty cool. It’s a little too stereotypical Rogue I guess for me, but I still like it. I like the helmet on this one though it looks positively evil!


Okay the Warlock set is easily the coolest. I mean that helmet?! It’s so cool you look like a demon yourself! The shoulders, the belt, the bottom of the robe, I love everything about this set. Too bad I don’t have a Warlock of my own. :(

 Tier 14 Armor Sets page!

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